Audio Downloads:-
AUDIO FILES (mp3) in zip format. Provided through courtesy of Joel Smith, Dr. David Young, & Ken Jeffers; as well as un-copyrighted talks by Reinee Pasarow & Oscar De Gruy..

Biblical Prophecy
   Tap to download complete talks by Joel Smith. (46 mb)

Reaching Christians Effectively
   Tap to download David Young's Complete Course (63 mb)
   Note: This is the COMPLETE Course - including the first 3 sessions which deal largely with why Christians should be taught.

Near-Death Vision
   Tap to download a talk by Reinee Pasarow. (25 mb)
   This talk has no added commentary (1 hour talk & 1 hour Q/A)

Emerald Coast Audio Vol 1
   Tap to download selected talks from Emerald Coast, part 1. (30 mb)

Emerald Coast Audio Vol 2
   Tap to download selected talks from Emerald Coast, part 2. (27 mb)

Baha'i Essentials
   Tap to download a fireside talk by Oscar DeGruy.
   This talk is followed by an extensive Question & Answer session (10 mb).

A Baha'i Perspective
   Tap to download a Radio Interview with Ken Jeffers (7 mb)

Anna's Presentation
   Tap to download a Video of Anna's Presentation (~210 mb).
   NOTE: You must rename Anna's.txt to Anna's.wmv after downloading.