Additional Return Information:-
Return; Meaning of
Expectations of Many Christians
Return in Last Days
John the Baptist/the Bab; Similarities
Jesus' References to His Return
What Will Happen at That Time
What the Returned Christ will Do
Prophecy Supporting Baha'i Claim:-
a New Name and a White Stone
Thief in the Night
Glory of God or Lord in prophecy
Books Sealed prophecy
Books Unsealed; seals broken
Elias & John the Baptist; Manifestations
Must be Spiritually Interpreted
Messianic Prophets in General:-
Messianic Prophet Defined
Equality of the Prophets
Three Kinds of Prophets Defined
Why Prophets Come
Divine Qualities in Life Lived
How They manifest forgiveness, etc
How They mainifest God's Soverency
How They manifest God's Love
How They manifest God
How Their Suffering is Different
How Theys reveal Truth via Sacrifice
How Christ is Pefect for All Time
Muhammad prophesied in the Bible
Regarding the Bible:-
Reliability of Bible
Quranic View of Bible
Text Not Altered as Claimed
More on Return:-
Bible Meaningfulness be Understood
Would You have recognized Jesus?
What Jews Expected in a Messiah
"Resurrection" in Bible Explained
"Times" Prophecies
Christ the "Only Way"
"Came Down from Heaven" Statement
"Day"; meanings of
"Branch"; Biblical Prophecies regarding
"Day for a Year" in Prophecy
"Terrible Events", "Vineyard parable"
"Prince of Peace"; re: Bahá'u'lláh
Bahá'u'lláh Descended from Abraham
Jesus ascended the throne at Ridvan
Expected by the German Templars