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Resurrection Events:
1) Jesus was crucified and died.
2) He was taken down from the Cross, and His dead body was placed into a rich man's tomb. This was done without the proper burial ointments because Sabbath was approaching, and no work (even burials) could be performed on the Sabbath.
3) Three days later three women disciples of Jesus came to the tomb to anoint His body for burial. They saw that the stone in front of the tomb was rolled away, and an angel told Mary that Jesus wasn't there. The women ran off.
4) The women told the disciples what happened, and Peter and John went to the tomb, and found it to be empty. All that remained was the burial shroud and the chin napkin (which kept the mouth closed).
5) Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene. At first she thought He was the gardener, but she recognized Him and said "Rabboni" ("My Master"). He told her He had not yet ascended to the Father.
6) Jesus appeared on the road to Emmaus to two lesser disciples. They did not recognize Him at first, but when they did He "vanished".
7) Jesus later appeared to the 10 disciples (Judas was dead and Thomas wasn't there) in a room where the door was shut. He showed them his wounds, and ate fish and honeycomb with them. They thought He was a ghost, but He said "a spirit hath not flesh and bone as ye see me have!" (Luke 24:3). Thomas wasn't there, but when he came back he said he wouldn't believe until he felt the nail-pints in his hands and feet. see
8) Jesus appeared among them again, and showed Thomas His nail and spear wounds. Thomas believed.
9) Jesus later appeared on the shore of Galilee while Peter and others were fishing, and later to 500 lesser disciples at once.
10) In Acts chapter 1 it says that the disciples saw Jesus on the Mount of Olives (just outside of Jerusalem). A glory cloud then engulfed Him, and took Him out of their "sight" (Greek: "vision").
11) Jesus did not appear to the disciples again until Saul had a "vision" of Jesus on the road to Damascus. Saul is blinded by the vision, but is told by Jesus to see a prophet in Damascus named Agabus; who washes Saul's eyes and heals his sight. Saul is baptized, becomes an Apostle of Jesus Christ and changes his name to Paul.
12) John, one of Jesus' disciples, has a vision of Jesus in a cave on the Isle of Patmos. That vision became the Book of Revelation.
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