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Apocalypse Secrets is an "..interpretation of the Book of Revelation based on Baha'i sources revealing the Apocalypse as the story of seven Faiths and Empires whose materialism and militarism have caused the mess the world is in, specifically the apocalyptic war now waging between the Muslim Militarism of the Middle East and the Malignant Materialism of the Christian West. Its strikingly lively translation sticks to the intention of the Greek original. The original, rationally consistent, remarkably holistic, and comprehensively profound interpretation bridges religious faiths, transcends religious dogma, and explains nineteen centuries of troubled events in Christianity and Islam with clear insight. It supplies a template of understanding and global peace that will influence many future works. This book is must reading for anybody striving to penetrate the hidden secrets of the Apocalypse. Its readers will never look at the Apocalypse the same again." [amazon.com].
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