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  • Chapters 1-16 cover historical events that have already played out, right up to Chapter 16's seven afflictions of the 1800-1900s, most of them in John's world of the Middle East. Afflictions 1-3 played out in the Persia of the 1800s. Afflictions 4-6 took place across the Persian and Ottoman dominated Middle East of the 1800s. Last affliction 7, namely Armageddon, has been the past century of worldwide warfare stressing and distressing the planet since 1914 but now almost over. [asb]
  • Chapter 17 covers modern times. By wonderful coincidence, this special Chapter 17 finds the main Revelation Messenger teaching how to interpret symbols. Usefully, his examples depict key players on the ancient and modern world stage. Its mountains, heads, and waters stand for ancient empires and peoples. Its beast growls as modern Muslim Militarism. Its horns lunge as recent fanatic rogue regimes and terrorist organizations. And its whore of Babylon incarnates today's global system of greedy Malignant Materialism. [asb]
  • Chapters 18-22 cover the near and far future. Chapter 18 narrates the fall of the Babylon of greedy Malignant Materialism. It shows the whore of its greed burning, the fire fueled, stoked, sparked, and blazed into the ash of a Greatest Depression. Chapter 19 throws a banquet to celebrate spiritual economics coming to restore worthy prosperity to the globe (after the end of Malignant Materialism and Muslim Militarism). Chapter 20 launches a glorious Millennium for your great-great grandchildren to start to savor. Chapter 21 opens the divine civilization of New Jerusalem for their great grandchildren to relish. Chapter 22 pouring out a river of new knowledge surging as God's One Religion. [asb]
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