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The terms the beast.. did exist.. then it does not exist.. then it is due to rise and five are fallen, one exists, and the other has not yet come.. this one is both an eighth and also of the seven interpret per the following Revelation timeline of Middle East empires. For a prior spiritual Era, the beast that did exist also depicts also Mu'awiya snatching power, does not exist as him ostensibly returning power to Hasan, and due to rise as him seizing power back from Hasan.(Schreiber 167) Likewise, five have fallen depicts also Abu Sufyan, Abu-Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali, one exists as Mu'awiya, the other.. must stay small as Hasan holding power briefly, and the eighth as well as of the seven as Mu'awiya seizing power back from Hasan.(Schreiber 167-8).
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