the Holy Qur'an

We have sent thee inspiration, as We sent it to Noah and the Messengers after him: we sent inspiration to Abraham, Isma'il, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes, to Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and solomon, and to David We gave the Psalms. (4:163)

We gave him Isaac and Jacob: all (three) guided: and before him, We guided Noah, and among his progeny, David, Solomon, Job, Joseph, Moses, and Aaron: thus do We reward those who do good: (6:84)

"The Lord of Moses and Aaron." (7:122)

We appointed for Moses thirty nights, and completed (the period) with ten (more): thus was completed the term (of communion) with his Lord, forty nights. And Moses had charged his brother Aaron (before he went up): "Act for me amongst my people: Do right, and follow not the way of those who do mischief." (7:142)

When Moses came back to his people, angry and grieved, he said: "Evil it is that ye have done in my place in my absence: did ye make haste to bring on the judgment of your Lord?" He put down the tablets, seized his brother by (the hair of) his head, and dragged him to him. Aaron said: "Son of my mother! the people did indeed reckon me as naught, and went near to slaying me! Make not the enemies rejoice over my misfortune, nor count thou me amongst the people of sin." (7:150)

When thy Lord drew forth from the Children of Adam - from their loins - their descendants, and made them testify concerning themselves, (saying): "Am I not your Lord (who cherishes and sustains you)?"- They said: "Yea! We do testify!" (This), lest ye should say on the Day of Judgment: "Of this we were never mindful": (7:172)

Then after them sent We Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh and his chiefs with Our Signs. But they were arrogant: they were a people in sin. (10:75)

And, out of Our Mercy, We gave him his brother Aaron, (also) a prophet. (19:53)

"Aaron, my brother; (20:30)

"Behold! thy sister goeth forth and saith, 'shall I show you one who will nurse and rear the (child)?' So We brought thee back to thy mother, that her eye might be cooled and she should not grieve. Then thou didst slay a man, but We saved thee from trouble, and We tried thee in various ways. Then didst thou tarry a number of years with the people of Midian. Then didst thou come hither as ordained, O Moses! (20:40)

Aaron had already, before this said to them: "O my people! ye are being tested in this: for verily your Lord is (God) Most Gracious; so follow me and obey my command." (20:90)

(Moses) said: "O Aaron! what kept thee back, when thou sawest them going wrong, (20:92)

In the past We granted to Moses and Aaron the criterion (for judgment), and a Light and a Message for those who would do right,- (21:48)

Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron, with Our Signs and authority manifest, (23:45)

(Before this,) We sent Moses The Book, and appointed his brother Aaron with him as minister; (25:35)

He said: "O my Lord! I do fear that they will charge me with falsehood: (26:12)

"The Lord of Moses and Aaron." (26:48)

"And my brother Aaron - He is more eloquent in speech than I: so send him with me as a helper, to confirm (and strengthen) me: for I fear that they may accuse me of falsehood." (28:34)

Again (of old) We bestowed Our favour on Moses and Aaron, (37:114)

And We delivered them and their people from (their) Great Calamity; (37:115)

And We helped them, so they overcame (their troubles); (37:116)

And We gave them the Book which helps to make things clear; (37:117)

And We guided them to the Straight Way. (37:118)

And We left (this blessing) for them among generations (to come) in later times: (37:119)

"Peace and salutation to Moses and Aaron!" (37:120)

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