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Christ himself explained the meaning of certain prophecies to His disciples; the meaning of other prophecies were revealed as the events of His noble Life unfolded. A careful look at these prophecies, as they are stated in the Old Testament, reveals the fact that, without exception, the prophecies referring to Christ's First Coming were fulfilled in a manner that could not have been, and indeed were not, predicted by anyone (3:4)

Now, this immediately raises some profound questions: Why did God give these prophecies? If the people who received them did not understand what they meant, if the prophecies did not light a clear path to the Christ, what were they for? Why, if none were to be led to Christ through them, wouldn't God have made them clearer, more obvious so that people could have figured them out? (3:5)

The problem here, of course, is our assumption that prophecies are given to lead us to Christ. This incorrect assumption causes us to ask such troubling questions - questions, however, that miss a vital point: although prophecies did not lead anyone to Christ, nevertheless, many hundreds of millions have understood the prophecies, and have, therefore, benefited from them. The prophecies have thus fulfilled their real purpose though it is a purpose different from what at first might have been expected (3:6)

What then is the real reason for the prophecies of the Old Testament, their true purpose? Why were they given to us? (3:7)

The prophecies of the Old Testament were given for the same purpose all prophecies are given: to confirm the faith of those who already believe. They were given to show the believer that all things lie within the Almighty's grasp; that with Him are the knowledge and destinies of the future and the past. They were given to strengthen the believer against tests of faith which surely come to all believers. Christ's explanations of the meaning of prophecies filled his disciples with divine assurance in the plan of God. This not only confirmed their faith in Him, but prepared them for their future trials and tribulations. And there have no doubt been countless souls since that time who have been lovingly nurtured in their faith in Christ through study of these prophecies which, along with their other vital purposes, reveal to the believer the proper perspective from which we are to view Christ's life and words (3:8)

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