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Although these occurrences in Matthew of the fulfillment of prophecy offer no specific references to those prophecies for us to consider, they do offer us something of considerable significance: By not focusing on particular words of the Old Testament, while at the same time indicating that events were unfolding according to the plan of God revealed to His chosen people, Christ has opened the door for His believers to search the scriptures for all that was written of Him. By this statement, we are freed from a narrow view that only verses specifically referred to by Christ or His disciples are prophecies (49:10)

The search for these prophetic references to Christ, which has continued up to this day, has been undertaken in the following manner: Using the words Christ spoke, and the events of His life as a searchlight, people looked back at the scriptures revealed before His Coming, and discovered verses whose meanings were previously unknown but which refer to Him. The vast majority of prophetic references to Christ have been found in this way - an indication of the validity of the necessity of fulfillment and acceptance of Christ to an understanding of the meaning of these prophetic references (49:11)

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