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Next, I hear greed crazed with violence against faithful believers and with violence against the three Delegates of Jesus. Hearing it, I am bewildered beyond belief. (17:6) see orig

At this Baha'u'llah tells me: John, why be bewildered? I the Messenger will teach you the hidden intent of this greed and the Muslim brutality delivering it, boasting the seven territories and the ten ruler-names. (17:7) see orig

The Muslim brutality that you see came as the Umayyad Caliphate. Then it ceased. Now it came back as the Ottoman Sultanate in its spiritual error. It is doomed to destruction. Middle Easterners, who cannot be acclaimed as morally decent due to the founding of the militaristic Muslim world-order, have gone mad from learning this Muslim brutality, for it came, then it ceased, now it came back (17:8) Vd see orig

--Here indeed deep insight!--
The seven territories signify seven Empires where greed ruled over them. Over them sit seven regimes. Egypt, Assyria, Media, Persia, and Greece had fallen by your AD 95. In AD 95, Rome ruled. Byzantium had not yet come. However in AD 330, when it came, it steadily shrank. (17:9) Ve Vf see orig

As for the Muslim brutality that came, then ceased, this same brutality drove also the eighth Ottoman Empire as well as the prior seven Empires. It too is doomed to destruction. (17:11) see orig

As for the ten names that you hear, they are Persia's ten Qajar Shahs who had not yet gained sovereignty, but did gain power as rulers with Muslim brutality over these 1800s. (17:12) Vg see orig

These Qajar Shahs have been pursuing a single goal. They have been devoting their power and authority to Muslim brutality. These Shahs have fought the Bab. Yet the Bab has defeated them, for he is a Lord of lords and a Leader of leaders. Moreover, his disciples are motivated, select, and true. (17:13) Vh see orig

Continuing, he tells me: The peoples, populations, nations, and language-groups that you saw, whom seductive greed rules, are the seven billion people who shall populate the planet in the early 2000s. (17:15) Vi see orig

As for the ten rogue regimes and terrorist organizations that you hear, along with their Muslim brutality, these detest seductive greed. They are attacking and stripping it bare, consuming its wealth, and destroying it ferociously. For Allah has fueled their fanaticism to carry out this plan of His, to shoot for a single goal, and to devote their rule to brutality until we Speakers for God, the Bab and I, are manifest. (17:16) Vj see orig

And the greed that you see, John, is the monstrous economic system that lords it over the leaders of all lands. (17:18) see orig

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