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"By the Lord of the Kingdom! If one arise to promote the Word of God with a pure heart, overflowing with the love of God and severed from the world, the Lord of Hosts will assist him with such a power as will penetrate the core of the existent beings." (tb2 348) (15:1)

"... Never must they let a day pass without teaching some soul, trusting to Baha'u'llah that the seed will grow. The friends should seek pure souls, gain their confidence, and then teach that person carefully until he becomes a Baha'i, and then nurture him until he becomes a firm and active supporter of the Faith. (15:2)

"..Everyone must remember that it is the 'Holy Spirit that quickens' and therefore the teacher must become like a reed through which the Holy Spirit may reach the seeking soul. (15:3)

"The beloved Guardian has stressed over and over again, that to effectively teach the Faith, the individual must study deeply, the Divine Word, imbibe Its life-giving waters, and feast upon Its glorious teachings. He should then 'meditate' on the import of the Word, and finding its spiritual depths, 'pray' for guidance and assistance. But most important, after prayer is 'action'. After one has prayed and meditated, he must arise, relying fully on the guidance and confirmation of Baha'u'llah, to teach His Faith. 'Perseverance' in action is essential, just as wisdom and audacity are necessary for effective teaching. The individual must sacrifice all things to this great goal, and then the victories will be won." (rdc 35) (15:4)

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