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Proclamation comprises a number of activities, of which publicity is only one... . One of the most important duties of each national spiritual assembly is to acquaint leaders of thought and prominent men and women in its country with the fundamental aims, the history, and the present status and achievements of the Cause. (4:1)

...Another aspect of proclamation is a series of teaching programs designed to reach every stratum of human society -- programs that should be pursued diligently and wisely, using every available resource. (4:2)

Publicity itself should be well conceived, dignified, and reverent. A flamboyant approach which may succeed in drawing much initial attention to the Cause may ultimately prove to have produced a revulsion which would require great effort to overcome... . (4:3)

In all proclamation activities, follow-up is of supreme importance. Proclamation, expansion, and consolidation are mutually helpful activities which must be carefully interrelated. In some places it is desirable to open a teaching campaign with publicity -- in others it is wiser to establish first a solid local community before publicizing the Faith or encouraging contacts with prominent people. Here, again, wisdom is needed. (wsp 117) (4:4)

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