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He is God, exalted is He, the Lord of loving- kindness and bounty! (43:1)

Glory be unto Thee, O my God, the Lord Omnipotent. I testify to Thine omnipotence and Thy might, Thy sovereignty and Thy loving- kindness, Thy grace and Thy power, the oneness of Thy Being and the unity of thine Essence, Thy sanctity and exaltation above the world of being and all that is therein (43:2)

O my God! Thou seest me detached from all save Thee, holding fast unto Thee and turning unto the ocean of Thy bounty, to the heaven of Thy favor, to the Daystar of Thy grace (43:3)

Lord! I bear witness that in Thy servant Thou hast reposed Thy Trust, and that is the Spirit whereunto Thou hast given life to the world (43:4)

I ask of Thee by the splendor of the Orb of Thy Revelation, mercifully to accept from him that which he hath achieved in Thy days. Grant then that he may be invested with the glory of Thy good- pleasure and adorned with Thine acceptance (43:5)

O my Lord! I myself and all created things bear witness unto Thy might, and I pray Thee not to turn away from Thyself this spirit that hath ascended unto Thee, unto Thy heavenly place, Thine exalted Paradise and Thy retreats of nearness, O Thou who art the Lord of all men! (43:6)

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