Directives of Guardian - Shoghi Effendi
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1 ABDU'L- BAHA (Stories About)
"He would also urge you to attach no importance to the stories told about Abdu'l- Baha or to those attributed to Him by the friends. These should be regarded in the same light as the notes and impressions of visiting pilgrims. They need not be suppressed, but they should not also be given prominent or official recognition." (1:1)

2 ABDU'L- BAHA'S MINISTRY (Re: World Objectives)
"As to the three aims which Shoghi Effendi has stated in his America and the Most Great Peace to have been the chief objectives of Abdu'l- Baha's ministry, it should be pointed out that the first was: The establishment of the Cause in America; the erection of the Baha'i Temple in Ishqabad, and the building on Mt. Carmel of a mausoleum marking the resting- place of the Bab, were the two remaining ones." (1:2)

3 ADMINISTRATION-- Attitude Towards (National Assembly's Statement Approved)
"He also wishes me to express his approval of your statement in the November issue of the Baha'i News to the effect of creating within the Assemblies and individual believers a more positive and active attitude towards the Administration. The need for positive action seems, indeed, to be one of the most urgent needs of the Cause at present." (1:3)

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