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ABBAS EFFENDI (Abdul Baha, Servant of God, as he prefer to calls himself), son of the Persian prophet, BAHA'O'LLAH, who is at present sojourning in Paris held an interesting farewell conference at his apartment, 30 rue St. Didier
Abdul Baha willingly endured imprisonment rather than abjure his faith, one of the tenets of which declares for the absolute equality of all souls regardless of such outer differences as sex, race or color. He recognizes no class distinctions except those given by service and in the spirit of brotherly love; for this and other like doctrines he was held prisoner for forty years in the fortressed city of Acca in Palestine. With the advent of the Young Turks' supremacy realized through the "Union and Progress" committee, in 1908, he was freed. (185:4)

Something of the daily life of this advocate of universal brotherhood may be of interest. (185:6)

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