Divine Philosophy - 'Abdu'l-Bahá
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A universal language shall be adopted and taught in the schools and academies of the world. A committee appointed by the national bodies shall select a suitable language to be used as a means of international communication. (26:5)

Every one will need but two languages, his national tongue and the universal language. All will acquire the international language. (26:7)

Partaking of knowledge and education is one of the requisites of religion. The education of each child is obligatory. If there are no parents, the community must look after the child. It is suggested that the childless educate a child. (26:8)

It is incumbent on every one to engage in some occupation, such as arts, trades, and the like. We have made this -- your occupation -- identical with the worship of God, the true one. Reflect, O people, upon the mercy of God and upon his favors, then thank him in mornings and evenings. (26:10)

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