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The following words of Abdul Baha were uttered after his American sojourn on the occasion of his second visit to Europe, in 1913, when he stopped for some months on his way to the Orient. (28:1)

During his stay in Paris Abdul Baha gave five public addresses (see Chapters 4,5,6,7 and 8). (28:3)

Each morning a group assembled at his apartment, 30 rue St. Didier, where he spoke informally; sometimes answering questions, or on request, explaining points touched on in public addresses. In this way, although there are seeming repetitions, many abstruse subjects are elucidated in these informal conferences, which are to be found in the first few chapters of the book. (See chapters 1,2 and 3.) (28:4)

On these occasions Abdul Baha would sometimes sit by the window over-looking Paris and anon the majestic white-robed figure would pace the room as he discoursed. (28:5)

Every Friday evening he addressed an assemblage at M. and Mme. Dreyfus-Barney's, 15 rue Greuze and every Monday afternoon he visited a group at the studio of Mr. Scott (an American artist), in the Latin quarter, 17 rue Boissonade. (28:6)

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