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Knowledge is one of the greatest benefits of God. To acquire knowledge is incumbent on all. These visible arts and present implements are from the results of his knowledge and wisdom, which have been revealed from the supreme pen. In this day the mysteries of this earth are unfolded and have become visible before the eyes. -- (BAHA'O'LLAH) (79:1)

This is my second visit to Paris and I meet you with great joy. On a third visit to Europe I hope to see a brilliant flame -- the signal of the paradise of El-Abha. That this continent be flooded with rays streaming from veritable sons of light -- this is my hope. (79:2)

There was a time when the light of Christ shone in the world; when the proclamation of the kingdom was widespread and many spirits and hearts were drawn heavenward; but the law of this world is evanescent. That lamp is lighted and again it is extinguished. This flower starts with a sprout which day by day becomes more verdant, finally bursting into leaves and blossoms. But flowers fad and fruitage yields its seed which is kept and planted again, for the dead tree bears no more fruit. New seed must be sown and again trees and flowers will bloom. (79:5)

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