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Baha'u'llah had also predicted, in the early 1870s, that the 'reins of power' in Persia would soon 'fall into the hands of the people'. No political analyst of His time could have taken such a prophecy seriously, since age- old Persian culture and tradition required that its sovereign wield godlike power, unhampered by constitutional constaints or public participation. However, the murder of Nasiri'd- Din Shah signaled the start of a movement to curb the powers of the monarchy. This movement, slowly gathering steam, plunged the country into a Constitutional Revolution spanning 1906 to 1911. After a bitter and at times violent struggle, the monarchy was forced to concede much of its authority to the new parliament. Although the Peacock Throne remained in place until Persia's Islamic Revolution of 1979, its occupants never again enjoyed the unfettered prerogatives of Nasiri'd- Din and his predecessors. (177:2)

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