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Almost every world faith has repeatedly divided and subdivided into sects, denominations, factions and splinter groups, all competing for the allegiance of believers. Baha'u'llah took steps to protect the Baha'i Faith from this divisive tendency; and He promised that it would, as a result, remain both administratively and spiritually unified for all time. The strength of this amazing prophecy has been tested, time and again, by cunning internal enemies eager to advance their own agendas. Not one of the off- shoots they have devised, however ingeniously, has ever flourished or attracted a significant following. Meanwhile, Baha'u'llah's Cause, structured as He Himself intended, has spread throughout the earth, becoming (according to non- Baha'i authorities) the most widespread religion after Christianity and in all likelihood the most diverse organized body on the planet. (199:2)

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