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Why Should Everyone Investigate the Baha'i Faith? (1:1)

God has always sent knowledge through His Messengers and Redeemers. And He has always asked us to look for them, to find them, and to follow them. Searching is always the first essential step. What did Christ mean by saying, "Watch!"? What did He mean by saying that He would come "like a thief "? (1:2)

That is the day when I come like a thief! Happy the man who stays awake... Christ (Rev. 16:15) (1:3)

Be on guard! Be alert!...keep watch...do not let him find you sleeping. What I say to you, I say to everyone: "Watch!" Christ (Mark 13:33-37) (1:4)

Be always on the watch...that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man. Christ (Luke 21:36) (1:5)

What, then, did Christ mean by "Watch!"? Did He mean "Watch the evening news!" "Watch the Sunday morning sermon and choir!" "Watch political and religious leaders in debate!"? No, He meant watch for the news of His coming! Only a "thief"-- the One people fail to see-- requires careful and constant watching. And who do you think will find a "thief"? The one who dreams or the one who acts? The one who sits and waits, or the one who looks for Him? (1:6)

Unto them that look for Him [Christ] shall He appear the second time. Hebrews 9:28 (1:7)

Could the instructions about the need for investigation be more clear, more emphatic? Why, then, do many people fail to follow the Word of their Master? (1:8)

Not only are we asked to look for "the thief," not only are we urged to watch for the news of His coming, we are also asked to keep a watch on ourselves, so that we have the courage to investigate His message and the insight to see His divine glory and splendor. The twin "watchings"-- for Him and for ourselves-- are intertwined. (1:9)

Keep a watch on yourselves; do not let your minds be dulled by dissipation and drunkenness and worldly cares...Be on the alert... Christ (Luke 21:34-36) (1:10)

Why did Christ choose such a powerful and vivid metaphor-- a thief who comes in the dark of the night-- to describe His return? And why did He emphasize the need for staying awake and alert? Because He knew that at His coming people would be spiritually asleep. They would not hear the alarm, they would not hear the new song, but would continue to dream in the dark of unawareness. (1:11)

How would you respond if a colleague or acquaintance made this statement: "There is a religion called the Baha'i Faith. Its followers believe that Christ has already returned. And they have 1,800 reasons to prove it"? Would you say, "Show me those reasons, where can I find them?" And if in response your friend said, "You can find them in three volumes, each about 500 pages." Would you say, "Where can I find those volumes? I can't wait to read them"? Or would you simply ignore the news? If you are an average person, you would probably ignore the news. (1:12)

How did you respond to the number 1,800? Did you think it was a random number? Would you be surprised to know that the figure 1,800 is true, that the Bible does contain so many prophecies about the Baha'i Faith? And would it surprise you to know that they have all come to pass? (You can read those prophecies in I Shall Come Again, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.) (1:13)

If this claim is indeed true, if all these prophecies have actually been fulfilled by the Baha'i Faith, why are most people unaware? Does not this lack of awareness fulfill the prophecies comparing the return of Christ to the coming of a thief? What has happened is hard to believe. How can so much evidence remain unknown? How can the greatest and most anticipated news in history remain unrecognized? How can so much glory remain concealed beyond "the clouds" of unawareness? (1:14)

The One who uttered those 1,800 prophecies knew that to a sleeper no amount of evidence can make any difference. A dreamer can sleep through the most majestic and magnificent dawn without the slightest awareness. Even a little sleepiness can prevent a soul from seeing the splendor of the sun. (1:16)

We can see how perfectly-- in spite of massive evidence pointing to His return-- Christ's promise and prediction of His "thief-like" advent has come to pass. We can see how the greatest news in human history has remained mostly unnoticed. (1:17)

After more than a century, many still have not heard the wake up call. Many are still unaware that in the mid-19th century, when muddy waters began to rise and threaten our planet and its peoples and the old order began to shake and crumble, God sent His Ark of salvation-- a new Messenger with a new Faith and a new world order for peace and unity, a Faith with practical solutions not only to our personal and spiritual life but also to our economic, social, and political problems. (1:18)

The Baha'i Faith has a powerful and timely message that can transform your life on a scale you did not think possible. It can help you see your role on this planet in an entirely new light. It can strengthen your faith in God and inspire you to reach for new heights of awareness and spirituality. It reveals a Secret that has remained unknown for thousands of years. (1:19)

Shout and be glad...For I am coming, and I will live among you, declares the Lord. Zechariah 2:10 (1:20)

This is the Day of great rejoicing. It behoveth everyone to hasten towards the court of His nearness with exceeding joy...1 Baha'i Scriptures (1:21)

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