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[Time Prophecies]
The scriptures of the world's religions contain many prophecies which indicate the time when the Promised One is due to appear. These prophecies all point to the mid 1800s... they point to the time when the Bab and Baha'u'llah appeared. The following article is a brief summary of some of these number prophecies (10:1)

In the book of Daniel, chapter 12 verse 11, there is a reference to the Abomination of Desolation. This enigmatic prophecy was referred to by Jesus in Matthew 24 as one of the signs of the time of his parousia. (Parousia is a Greek word which means presence. In other words, Jesus was telling His followers how to know the time of the return of his presence.) (10:2) see

The Abomination of Desolation or the abominating actions which caused the desolation of Israel resulted in the conquest of Israel by a succession of foreign, non-Jewish empires (10:3)

This desolation was foretold by Moses in Leviticus 26 where he warned that if the Jews fell away from God's laws and if they reverted to paganism then they would be conquered and scattered among the nations. Moses warned if you will not hearken unto me, and will not do all these commandments... I will chastise you seven times for your sins... I will make your cities waste... I will scatter you among the heathen (10:4)

This warning took effect for the first time about 676 BC during the reign of the evil Hebrew king Manasseh. King Manasseh was the first of any of the Hebrew kings who had attempted to lead the Jewish people away from the religion of Moses and, in it's place, replace it with local pagan cults. Manasseh allowed these pagan cults to erect altars inside the Temple of Solomon where idols were worshipped and sacrifices were offered to pagan gods. Among other abominations, Manasseh was also said to have allowed ritual prostitution to be practiced inside the Holy Temple (10:5)

Moses' prophecy quickly took effect when the Assyrians swept down from the north, conquered Jerusalem and King Manasseh himself was carried off in chains to Babylon. This was the beginning of the seven times era of subjugation foretold by Moses (10:6)

After the Assyrians, Israel was next conquered successively by the Babylonian Empire , the Persian Empire and the Greek Empire. In his book, the prophet Daniel refers to these foreign empires as beasts (10:7)

In Revelation 17, John referred these beasts who had conquered Jerusalem in the centuries before his time... as the beast who was (10:8)

John continues in this same passage by next referring to the beast who is... that is, the Romans who had arisen after the first four beasts to also conquer Jerusalem (10:9)

Continuing on, still in this same passage, John then refers to yet another beast who, in John's day, was still yet to arise. Ask yourself, who was the only other empire to arise after the Romans to conquer and control Jerusalem? There was only one... the pseudo- Islamic Empire under the Umayyads and later under the Abbasids (10:10)

The conquest of Jerusalem by these foreign, non-Jewish empires which lasted for more than 2500 years was the Abomination of Desolation... the desolating abomination which was referred to by both Daniel and Jesus (10:11)

The key to understanding what these prophecies were foretelling lies in their numbers. For example, in Daniel 8:13 it asks how long will this abomination process last. Daniel answered that it would last for 2300 days (10:12)

Before we can explain this 2300 day prophecy there are a couple of important principles that we first must understand. First, in Bible prophecy, days can equal years. (See Ezekiel 4 and Numbers 14... I have appointed you each day for a year.) (10:13) 91

One good example of how this process works can be found in Daniel 9:24. Here Daniel says that 70 weeks are appointed from the giving of the decree to rebuild Jerusalem then shall Messiah be cut off (10:14)

Do the math... 70 weeks times seven days in a week equals 490 days. According to the statements found in Ezekiel and Numbers... 490 days can equal 490 years. Next check the history... the decree to rebuild Jerusalem was given by a Persian king named Artaxerxes in 457 BC. If you add 490 years to 457 BC, you get the cutting off of the Messiah somewhere around 33 or 34 AD. This prophecy foretold the atoning death of Jesus. It also proves that days can indeed sometimes equal years in prophecy (10:15)

How does this relate to the 2300 days prophecy? If we use the same starting point of 457 BC and count forward 2300 years... we get both the year of the end of the Abomination of Desolation and we get the year of Christ's PAROUSIA -- the return of his presence. Once again, do the math. 457 BC plus 2300 years equals 1844. The 2300 day/year prophecy indicates the year 1844 AD (10:16)

Referring back to the Leviticus 26 prophecy again we see that Moses said that this 'Abomination' and 'scattering among the Gentiles' time period would last for seven times. Seven times or seven years of 360 days in a year equals 2520 days or 2500 years (10:17)

Moses' prophecy first took effect in 676 BC when King Manasseh was taken in chains to Babylon. If we start at 676 BC and count forward 2520 years we get the same year as the 2300 day/year prophecy given by Daniel. Moses' seven times prophecy also indicates the year 1844 (10:18)

Returning to the Book of Revelation again... in the 11th, 12th & 13th chapters, we are told seven separate times that John's last beast will control Jerusalem for 1260 years (10:19)

This prophecy is stated as 3 1/2 years or 3 1/2 times which are both 1260 days... as 42 months which is also 1260 days and as 1260 days itself. The Jewish Prophet Daniel also refers to the 3 1/2 'times of the beast' in Daniel 105:7 & 7:25 (10:20) see

In Rev 105:6 Jesus clearly shows us that 1260 days actually does equal 3 1/2 times. First he says that the beast will tread Jerusalem underfoot for 1260 days. Then, a few verses later, Jesus also informs us that the beast will tread Jerusalem underfoot for a time period of 3 1/2 times. Clearly, according to Jesus, 1260 days equals 3 1/2 times (10:21)

The number 1260 is also repeatedly referred to in the Islamic religion as the time when the messiah will appear (10:22)

Muhammad's grandson, the Imam Sadiq, when asked when the messiah will appear, replied verily in the year '60 (1260) His cause shall be revealed and his name shall be noised abroad (10:23)

Another collection of Islamic prophecies states in Ghars the tree of divine guidance shall be planted. And again in the year Ghars the earth shall be illumined by His light (10:24)

As you may know, in the Arabic language, words and letters all have corresponding numerical values. The word Ghars is an Arabic word meaning the planting and it has a numeric value of 1260 (10:25)

In other words these Islamic prophecies all foretold the appearance of the messiah in the year 1260 of the Islamic calendar. And these are just a few examples of Islamic prophecies. There are even more Islamic prophecies which refer to the year 1260 as the time when messiah will appear (10:26)

In the Zoroastrian religion we also can find a prophecy which refers to the appearance of the messiah in the twelfth century after the beginning of the religion of Islam. (the Magi who came to see the infant Jesus were Zoroastrian priests) (10:27)

In his book, the Dinkird, Zoroaster states when a thousand two hundred and some years have passed from the inception of the religion of the Arabian (Muhammad was the Arabian)... a descendant of the Persian kings will be raised up as a Prophet.. (10:28)

Zoroaster, who lived approximately 1000 years before Jesus' time, also agrees that the 1260 year prophecy should begin with the inception of the religion of Muhammad (10:29)

To summarize, that's thirteen separate 1260 year prophecies from four separate middle eastern religions, encompassing four countries and given over a period of almost four thousand years. These prophecies all state that this beast will control Jerusalem for 1260 years. Who is this beast? It is the only empire which arose after the Romans to conquer and control Jerusalem... the pseudo-Islamic Empire under the Umayyads and later under the Abbasids (10:30)

What's fascinating about these '1260' prophecies is that the year 1260 AH of the Islamic calendar just happens to also be the exact same year 1844 AD of the Christian calendar. Can you see what this means? The '7-times' prophecy of Moses, the '2300 day/year' 'Abomination of Desolation' prophecy of Daniel (referred to by Jesus) and the thirteen '1260 day/year' prophecies all indicate the exact same year... the year 1844 AD. That's fifteen separate prophecies which pinpoint the exact same year (10:31)

The 'Abomination of Desolation' ended in 1844 when the Edict of Toleration was signed by the Caliph of Islam allowing the Jews to return to Israel ending the 'times of the gentiles.' And even more importantly... this was when the Baha'i Faith began. On May 23rd, 1844 the young 'Bab', the forerunner of Baha'u'llah, announced to his first disciple that he was the Promised One. The Christ presence had returned as a thief in the night with a new name just as foretold in the New Testament writings (10:32)

Christ is the Only Way (11:0)

1. Bahá'u'lláh is Christ Returned and is therefore also the "Anointed One" ("Christ is Greek for "the Anointed One"). (11:1)

2."And I will write on him My new name.." (rev 3:12) [returned Christ will use new name (js)] (11:2) see

Jesus wanted his followers to understand how the Jews had missed Jesus as the Christ.. so they could hopefully avoid repeating these same mistakes themselves. He cautioned Christians to "beware the leaven of the Pharisees". (see Mat 16:6, Mrk 8:15, Luk 12:1) (11:7) see

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