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It was the Faith of their fathers, the traditional religion, which prevented the people from accepting the mission of Muhammad: "And when our distinct signs are recited to them, they say, "This is merely a man who would pervert you from your father's Worship." And they say, "This is no other than a forged falsehood" "Verily we found our fathers with a religion, and in their tracks we tread." (Qur'an 43:21). The superseded knowledge is itself the veil which prevents the learned from recognizing the new Revelation. "Whom God causeth wilfully to err, and whose ears and whose heart he hath sealed up, and over whose sight he hath placed a veil-- who, after his rejection by God, shall guide such a one? Will ye not then be warned? (Qur'an 45:22). And to the Jewish and Christian priests the 'Qur'an' says: "Say! O people of the Book! why repel believers from the way of God? (Qur'an 3:94). (103:3) see

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  The Light Shineth in Darkness
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