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Baha'is believe that two forces-- the elements of a historical dialectic already taking place-- will bring about mankind's golden age: first, the transformation of man, his spiritual rebirth through God's creative word; secondly, the transformation of society both through the change in its structures according to the divine will proclaimed by Baha'u'llah, and through the establishment by means of Baha'u'llah's world order, of universal justice in which all men can live in peace. (29:1)

We are experiencing this process of the fall of the old order and the building up of the new one. The collapse of the old order, however painful and dangerous, is necessary and cannot be stopped; it is as necessary as the sweeping away of the leaves from the trees by the cold wind in winter, which makes room for the tender buds, already perceptible. (29:2)

But there is one point we (Baha'is) must not lose sight of: it is not our duty to tear down the old order which we find unacceptable. Over a hundred years ago, at a time when people thought "We've really come a long way", and when no one could imagine the extent of the present cultural decadence, Baha'u'llah foretold the breaking down of the old social order and the rise of the new one: "Soon will the present-day order be rolled up, and a new one spread out in its stead (Gl)." Today we are realizing the meaning of these words. Our forms of government are being questioned. Young people are rebelling against the existing social order. The entire world is crying out for reforms and-- one cannot help feeling-- the more it is reformed, the more disastrous is the confusion and the more insoluble become our problems and conflicts. (29:3)

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