The Light Shineth in Darkness - Udo Schaefer - 1 Para

..(The Baha'i) legal structure has not come to the community as a result of external necessity, but was given by its founder Baha'u'llah as an integral part of His teaching. It is the first time in religious history that the legal structure of the community has not been put in the hands of men but has been given in documented form as part of the divine Revelation. Baha'u'llah is "the Judge, the Lawgiver and Redeemer of all mankind" and also "the Organizer of the entire planet". He has given His community its unchangeable and unconditional legal form and has thus made sure that a dispute over the right kind of structure cannot split the community of God as has so often happened in religious history. (46:1)

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  The Light Shineth in Darkness - Udo Schaefer