The Light Shineth in Darkness by -Udo Schaefer- 1 Para

Baha'u'llah warn his followers emphatically against engaging in vain disputes: "Rid thyself of all attachment to the vain allusions of men, and cast behind thy back the idle and subtle disputations of them that are veiled from God. Proclaim then, that which the Most Great Spirit will inspire thee to utter in the service of the Cause of thy Lord, that thou mayest stir up the souls of all men..." (Gl Cxxxix) And in another passage He says: "Beware lest ye contend with any one, nay, strive to make him aware of the truth with kindly manner and most convincing exhortation. If your hearer respond, he will have responded to his own behoof, and if not, turn ye away from him, and set your faces towards God's sacred Court, the seat of resplendent holiness." (Gl CxxvIII). (51:1)

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  The Light Shineth in Darkness
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