The Light Shineth in Darkness by -Udo Schaefer- 1 Para

The attitude of a true Baha'i, far from being that of arrogance and pride, is rather humility at the divine threshold: "Show forbearance and benevolence and love to one another. Should any one among you be incapable of grasping a certain truth, or be striving to comprehend it, show forth, when conversing with him, a spirit of extreme kindliness and good-will. Help him to see and recognize the truth, without esteeming yourself to be, in the least, superior to him, or to be possessed of greater endowments." (Gl V) And success does not justify a proud attitude either: "Should such a man ever succeed in influencing any one, this success should be attributed not to him, but rather to the influence of the words of God, as decreed by Him Who is the Almighty, the All-Wise. In the sight of God he is regarded as a lamp that imparteth its light, and yet is all the while being consumed within itself." (Gl CxxvIII). (51:2)

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  The Light Shineth in Darkness
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