Can sympathy and deep understanding be expected from a church dignitary for a phenomenon which claims to be a revelation of God to mankind and therefore seems to rival the Christianity represented by the Church? Merely to ask the question is to answer in the negative. Someone who is accustomed to think only in the hidebound categories of a dogmatic system that demands exclusiveness, someone who throughout his life has inveighed even against other Christian denominations, directly they deviate from his credal dogmas, can certainly be expected to give a rigid "no" when challenged from outside. Churchmen just cannot see the rival great religions as other than "lies" or at best as attempts at self-redemption which are human and therefore doomed to failure, as tissues of truth, half-truth, error, superstition, illusion and charlatanry, as.. a mass of "general religious concepts and general human hopes and expectations"-- in short as an amalgam of disparate elements. This blindness is a fact which has to be accepted... (56:1)

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The Light Shineth in Darkness
Udo Schaefer