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Christ Degraded by Baha'is?
The degrading and levelling of Christ, of which Baha'is are accused because they deny the doctrine of the Trinity and incorporate Jesus into the historic series of the messengers of God, has become reality in the case of many Christian theological scholars. To many of them Jesus of Nazareth has become a man like others, for whom much was unknown and who often erred-- an impossible concept for a Baha'i! And what is left from the revealed Faith if, as Herbert Braun teaches, God is to be conceived only as "an expression for the phenomenon of being able to act with courage, conscientiousness and conviction," only as "a particular form of love for others? God would indeed have left His people on their own, if He had left it to the reformers and demy-theologisers to find the truth! (89:1)

This state of affairs, the total confusion and utter depletion of central articles of faith, is to a Baha'i, who recognizes the divinity of Jesus's revelation, a clear sign that the process of disintegration in Christianity is now taking place. It is also the sign of the Last Days-- end of the old era. (89:2)

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