First, Christians themselves are by no means agreed on the dogma of original sin.. (one) really should not expect someone outside Christianity to go exclusively by Luther. Why not Zwingli, for instance, who is, frankly, more to my taste? He rejected the doctrine of original sin as contrary to the Gospel, and called Luther crazy and non-Christian for his deviant doctrine of the Communion. What is one to think of arguments which continually confront someone outside Christianity with dogmatic positions which are disputed within it? Further, among those who adhere to the dogma of original sin, both Catholics and Protestants, the extent of the corruption of human nature and consequently of the doctrine of justification are controversial.. (91:2)

Man is not by nature evil and incapable of good, but "the noblest and most perfect of all created things." In him "are potentially revealed all the attributes and names of God to a degree that no other being hath excelled or surpassed." He is the mystery of God. But lack of education has "deprived him of that which he doth inherently possess." He is "a mine rich in gems of inestimable value." But "education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures." (Baha'u'llah). Not any sort of education: what is meant is divine education through the manifestations and according to their teachings and commandments. Just as a plant needs light to develop the perfections within it, so man needs spiritual illumination through the Sun of Truth, the Logos. Man-- as is said in the daily (Baha'i) prayer-- is created "to know and worship God." If he fails in this duty, he has missed the purpose of his existence, and the spiritual potentialities within him will not be fully developed. Without divine guidance, and relying only on his reason, man goes astray. Baha'u'llah leaves no doubt that "nothing whatsoever can exist without the revelation of the splendour of God." "Were the Hand of Divine Power to divest of high endowment all created things, the entire universe would become desolate and void." The whole development of the human race has been brought about by the revelations of God which have succeeded each other from time immemorial. (91:4)

But, one might object, the world is in a bad state, and evil is to be seen everywhere. This is recognized well enough. "And if God willed to punish men for their misdeeds, he would not leave a single living being on earth." it says in the 'Qur'an'. Baha'u'llah too complains that men "have been led astray, and are truly of the heedless, " that there is no one who sincerely craves after truth and "seeketh guidance, " that all are "dwellers in the land of oblivion" and "followers of the people of wickedness and rebellion, " that the peoples, "have languished, stricken and sore athirst, in the vale of idle fancy and waywardness, " because they have failed "to seek from the luminous and crystal Springs of divine knowledge the inner meaning of God's holy words." Baha'u'llah also warns against following "the steps of the Evil One, " who "is lying in wait, " who "hindereth the rise and obstructeth the spiritual progress of the children of men." Satan, however, is not an independent power opposed to God, but a metaphor for the lower nature of man tied to the world (92:1)

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The Light Shineth in Darkness
Udo Schaefer