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This loving God desires peace for all His creatures-- why, then, do they spend their time in war? (120:4)

He loves and protects all His children-- why do they forget Him? (120:5)

He bestows His Fatherly care on us all-- why do we neglect our brothers? (120:6)

Surely, when we realize how God loves and cares for us, we should so order our lives that we may become more like Him. (120:7)

God has created us, one and all-- why do we act in opposition to His wishes, when we are all His children, and love the same Father? All these divisions we see on all sides, all these disputes and opposition, are caused because men cling to ritual and outward observances, and forget the simple, underlying truth. It is the outward practices of religion that are so different, and it is they that cause disputes and enmity-- while the reality is always the same, and one. The Reality is the Truth, and truth has no division. Truth is God's guidance, it is the light of the world, it is love, it is mercy. These attributes of truth are also human virtues inspired by the Holy Spirit. (120:8)

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