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`The Laws of God are not imposition of will, or of power, or pleasure, but the resolutions of truth, reason and justice.' (154:2)

All men are equal before the law, which must reign absolutely. (154:3)

The object of punishment is not vengeance, but the prevention of crime. (154:4)

Kings must rule with wisdom and justice; prince, peer and peasant alike have equal rights to just treatment, there must be no favour shown to individuals. A judge must be no `respecter of persons', but administer the law with strict impartiality in every case brought before him. (154:5)

If a person commit a crime against you, you have not the right to forgive him; but the law must punish him in order to prevent a repetition of that same crime by others, as the pain of the individual is unimportant beside the general welfare of the people. (154:6)

When perfect justice reigns in every country of the Eastern and Western World, then will the earth become a place of beauty. The dignity and equality of every servant of God will be acknowledged; the ideal of the solidarity of the human race, the true brotherhood of man, will be realized; and the glorious light of the Sun of Truth will illumine the souls of all men. (155:1)

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