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GOD'S GREATEST GIFT TO MAN - Thursday, October 26th
God's greatest gift to man is that of intellect, or understanding. (41:2)

The understanding is the power by which man acquires his knowledge of the several kingdoms of creation, and of various stages of existence, as well as of much which is invisible. (41:3)

Possessing this gift, he is, in himself, the sum of earlier creations-- he is able to get into touch with those kingdoms; and by this gift, he can frequently, through his scientific knowledge, reach out with prophetic vision. (41:4)

Intellect is, in truth, the most precious gift bestowed upon man by the Divine Bounty. Man alone, among created beings, has this wonderful power. (41:5)

All creation, preceding Man, is bound by the stern law of nature. The great sun, the multitudes of stars, the oceans and seas, the mountains, the rivers, the trees, and all animals, great or small-- none is able to evade obedience to nature's law. (41:6)

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