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Abdu'l- Baha said: You are all very welcome, and I love you all most dearly. (95:1)

Day and night I pray to Heaven for you that strength may be yours, and that, one and all, you may participate in the blessings of Baha'u'llah, and enter into the Kingdom. (95:2)

I supplicate that you may become as new beings, illumined with the Divine Light, like unto shining lamps, and that from one end of Europe to the other the knowledge of the Love of God may spread. (95:3)

May this boundless love so fill your hearts and minds that sadness may find no room to enter and may you with joyful hearts soar like birds into the Divine Radiance. (95:4)

May your hearts become clear and pure like unto polished mirrors in which may be reflected the full glory of the Sun of Truth. (95:5)

May your eyes be opened to see the signs of the Kingdom of God, and may your ears be unstopped so that you may hear with a perfect understanding the Heavenly Proclamation sounding in your midst. (95:6)

May your souls receive help and comfort, and, being so strengthened, may they be enabled to live in accordance with the teachings of Baha'u'llah. (95:7)

I pray for each and all that you may be as flames of love in the world, and that the brightness of your light and the warmth of your affection may reach the heart of every sad and sorrowing child of God. (95:8)

May you be as shining stars, bright and luminous for ever in the Kingdom. (96:1)

I counsel you that you study earnestly the teachings of Baha'u'llah, so that, God helping you, you may in deed and truth become Baha'is. (96:2)

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