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None Greater Jesus (28:0)

This is true - However Jesus also said "I still have many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit, when He the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you unto All Truth" (joh 16:12) (28:1) see

"And I will write on Him My 'new name'" (rev 3:12) (28:2) see

"And He has on His robe.. a 'new name' written: King of Kings and Lord of Lords" (rev 19:16) (28:3) see

The cause of this fellowship and unity lies in the fact that the divine law has two distinct aspects or functions: one the essential or fundamental, the other the material or accidental. The first aspect of the revealed religion of God is that which concerns the ethical development and spiritual progress of mankind, the awakening of potential human susceptibilities and the descent of divine bestowals. These ordinances are changeless, essential, eternal. The second function of the divine religion deals with material conditions, the laws of human intercourse and social regulation. These are subject to change and transformation in accordance with the time, place and conditions (28:4)

The essential ordinances of religion were the same during the time of Abraham, the day of Moses and the cycle of Jesus, but the accidental or material laws were abrogated and superseded according to the exigency and requirement of each succeeding age. For example, in the law of Moses there were ten distinct commandments in regard to murder, which were revealed according to the requirement and capacity of the people, but in the day of Jesus these were abrogated and superseded in conformity with the changed and advanced human conditions. (pup 97) (28:5)

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