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Only Begotten Son (32:0)

Yes; and Baha'u'llah is the return of the Only Begotten Son (32:1)

-also- The Only Begotten Son is 'pre-existent' "Before Abraham was, I am" (joh 8:58). note: "Only" Begotten should not be taken literally since Adam was also a Son of God. (luk 3:38) (32:2) see

-also- The Only Begotten Son refers to Christ's spiritual reality - "God is a Spirit" (joh 4:24) And "..that which is born of the Spirit IS Spirit" (joh 3:6) (32:3) see

-also- "..the Son of Man which IS in Heaven" (john 3:13) is at the same time the "Only Begotten Son" on Earth. (32:4)

Basis for Christian belief: "For God so loved the world the He gave His only begotten Son" (john 3:16) [bolstering Christian belief that Christ is greater than other Manifestations] (32:5) see

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