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Baha'is re: Beast? (7:0)

Basis for Christian concern: Since Baha'u'llah ("the Prince of Peace") promotes world peace and disarmament, there is fear that this might make Him the Beast/Anti-Christ (7:1)

The followers of the Beast (rev 19:20) worship his image, and of course Baha'is do NOT worship the image of Baha'u'llah. (7:2) see

The Beast in rev 19:19, who, with the kings of the earth and their armies are to make war on the Return of Christ, is nowhere in the Bible equated with the Anti-Christ and there is no basis for claiming that the Anti-Christ is the Beast. The "Beast" refers to the rising of an destructive element in Islam which would alter Islam to it's very core. (7:3)

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