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Christ is the Only Way (11:0)

1. Bahá'u'lláh is Christ Returned and is therefore also the "Anointed One" ("Christ is Greek for "the Anointed One"). (11:1)

2."And I will write on him My new name.." (rev 3:12) [returned Christ will use new name (js)] (11:2) see

Jesus wanted his followers to understand how the Jews had missed Jesus as the Christ.. so they could hopefully avoid repeating these same mistakes themselves. He cautioned Christians to "beware the leaven of the Pharisees". (see Mat 16:6, Mrk 8:15, Luk 12:1) (11:7) see

When questioned, Jesus explained that he meant by this curious phrase was that the Jewish religious leaders had replaced the original "doctrines" of God with the "commandments of men." And, that through the years, these false interpretations of men had gradually taken the rightful place of the true law of God. This is what Jesus counseled his followers, of whatever era, to avoid. (11:8)

Jesus said: "I am the way (Hodos).. no one comes to the Father, but by me." (John 14:6 RSV) ["Hodos" means "road" or "highway". Jesus was claiming that he is the true road or highway that leads to the Father. Jesus doesn't say that he is the only way to the Father (js)] (11:10) see

Peter warns, in his writings, that because of "false prophets" this "true way" or true road of Jesus will be replaced by damnable heresies which many will follow. (11:11) see

Peter.. makes it clear that they both "will" appear and that they "will gain many adherents". see also Mat 24:11 & 24). (11:12) see

"The river Jordan is joined to the Most Great Ocean, and the Son, in the holy vale, crieth out: 'Here am I, here am I O Lord, my God!', whilst Sinai circleth round the House, and the Burning Bush calleth aloud: 'He Who is the Desired One is come in His transcendent majesty. ' Say, Lo! The Father is come, and that which ye were promised in the Kingdom is fulfilled! This is the Word which the Son concealed, when to those around Him He said: 'Ye cannot bear it now. ' And when the appointed time was fulfilled and the Hour had struck, the Word shone forth above the horizon of the Will of God. Beware, O followers of the Son, that ye cast it not behind your backs." -Bahá'u'lláh (tbh 11:2). (11:12) see

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