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Doctrines Same (Bahá'i & Christian) (13:0)

Atonement".. have borne the misfortunes of the world for your salvation. (pob 92) He in truth has offered His life as a ransom for the redemption of the world." (gwb 315) (13:1)

Repentance"Wherefore, hearken ye unto My speech, and return ye to God and repent, that He, through His grace, may have mercy upon you, may wash away your sins, and forgive your trespasses." (gwb 130) (13:2)

Belief before deeds"On the Day of His manifestation, unless thou truly believest in Him, naught can save thee from the fire, even if thou performest every righteous deed." (swb 110) ".. since deeds are secondary to faith in Him." (swb 133) (13:3)

Everlasting Life"All the tokens of God have been sent down as a token of His grace. The waters of everlasting life, have, in their fullness, been proffered unto men." (gwb 34) (13:4)

Divinity of Christ".. the Sonship and divinity of Jesus Christ are fearlessly asserted.." (pdc 113) (13:5)

Virgin Birth"Bahá'u'lláh confirms, however indirectly, the Catholic conception of the Virgin Birth" (dg 40) (13:6)

Divine Inspiration of the Bible".. the divine inspiration of the Gospel is fully recognized.." (pdc 110) (13:7)

Personal God"Within a compass of two hundred pages it proclaims unequivocally the existence and oneness of a personal God, unknowable, inaccessible, the source of all Revelation.." (gpb 139) (13:8)

Christ is without sin"For these Holy Souls are pure from every sin and sanctified from faults." (saq 170). (13:9)

Trinity"'Abdu'l-Baha explained the puzzling question of the 'trinity'; "The Giver of the Grace, and the Grace, and the Recipient of the Grace; the Source of the Effulgence, and the Effulgence, and the Recipient of the Effulgence; the Illuminator, and the Illumination, and the Illuminated.." (tb1 117) (13:10)

Grace"The tie.. between the creature and the Creator should be regarded as a token of His gracious favor unto men and not as an indication of any merit they may possess." (gwb 193). (13:11)

Justification by Faith"We are cognizant of thy righteous deeds, though they shall avail thee nothing; for the whole object of such righteousness is but recognition of God, thy Lord, and undoubted faith in the Words revealed by Him." (swb 33). (13:12)

Reborn in Faith"Man must be born again. As the babe is born into the light of this physical world, so must the physical and intellectual man be born into the light of the world of Divinity." (fwu 58) (13:13)

Forgiveness of Sins"Thou art indeed the One Who forgiveth the sins of all mankind." (swb 4) ".. that haply ye man ask forgiveness of Him, .. may truly repent, may realize your misdeeds,.. may atone for the things that have escaped you, and be of them that do good." (gwb 130) (13:14)

Salvation "Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved." (act 16:31)"Blessed is the man that hath acknowledged his belief in God and His signs, and recognized that 'He shall not be asked of His doings' .. such is the teaching which God bestoweth on you, a teaching that will deliver you from all manner of doubt and perplexity, and enable you to attain salvation in both this world and in the next." (gwb 86) (13:15) see

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