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Antichrist (2:0)

Biblical criteria occurs only in the epistles of John. In 1 & 2 John it states that the Antichrist: (2:1)

1."Denies that Jesus is the Christ" (1jo 2:22) (2:2) see

2."Denies the Father and the Son" (1jo 2:22) (2:3)

3."Is already in the world during the writing of 1 john". (1jo 2:18 & 4:3) (2:4) see

4."Is a former Christian" (1jo 2:18-19) (2:5) see

5."Denies that Jesus came in the flesh" (1jo 4:3 & 2jo 1:7) (2:6) see

Nowhere else in the Bible is Antichrist mentioned. The Antichrist is nowhere in the Bible equated with the Beast. Therefore, by Biblical criteria, there is NO basis for claiming that the Antichrist is the Beast, or that world peace and disarmament is criteria for either. (2:7)

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