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1/3 Cut Off prophecy (day = year) (84:0) 91

This prophecy.. foretells that from the slaying (or cutting off) of one-third of men (from the truth) there would be prepared: (84:1)

".. an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year." (Rev 9:15) (84:2) see

When this time had elapsed, the Messiah would come; Christ would return. (84:3)

In 1453 the capital of the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church fell to non-Christians, and students of prophecy took this to be symbolic fulfillment of the one-third being cut off.. (84:4)

In prophetic measure.. a year would be 360 days, a month 30 days, and a day 1 day. The hour was discounted. This gave.. 391 days.. (84:5)

Constantinople fell in 1453.. 1453+391 equals 1844! (84:6)

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