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Chapter 18 of  17 & 18

After these visions, I see another Messenger as Baha'u'llah sent by God with immense authority. The globe is lit by his glory. He cries out mightily proclaiming, stating:
· It shall be destroyed.
· Monstrous Malignant Materialism
· shall be destroyed!
(18:1) A3 Vk see orig

It shall become a front for fiends, a cover for every corrupt crook, and a fašade for every foul and vile soul. For all nations will get drunken crazy from the seduction of its furious profiteering, leaders of humanity will profiteer from it, and businessmen of the world will enrich themselves from the enormity of its deliberate waste. (18:2) Vl see orig

Next, I hear the Bab as another divine Messenger urging:

Escape it, my faithful, lest you get trapped by its evils, lest you get caught up by its strikes. For its very sins are assaulting the spiritual realm. I shall call up its crimes. Deal back to it as it itself has dealt out. Double its dealings doubly per its dealings. Finesse for it a dose of double debt as the fate that it has finessed. (18:4) Vm see orig

In as much as it has exalted itself and deliberately wasted, inflict on its soul as much anguish and agony. for in its soul it will come to boasts:
· I rule Supreme!
· I have human partners.
· I can never suffer!
(18:7) see orig

Because of this, its strikes shall come in a short year:
· Destruction!
· Misery!
· Poverty!
It shall be ferociously destroyed, for powerful is the Lord God Who judges it.
(18:8) see orig

Leaders of the globe who have profiteered and deliberately wasted with it shall groan and grieve over it as they feel the effects of its destruction, cringing from fear of its anguish, conceding:
'A Warner duo has launched a dual Era of change
upon you, great system, you mighty system of malignant materialism. For this judgment on you will strike in a heartbeat!'
(18:9) Vn see orig

Businessmen on the planet shall sob and shriek over it. For no one shall be able to buy their goods anymore: Goods of inglorious wealth and riches, reeking of corrupt clout and cunning, redolent with self-righteousness and pomp, bloated by opulence and power, all types of matchless material, all types of rare collectible, and all types of priceless furniture, tool, machine, or building, delicious spices, tasty treats, erotic fragrances like perfume and cologne, heady wine, sensuous oil, sumptuous cuisine, select cereal, pedigree meat, and choice cheese!

Of cars, trains, and ships! Of bodies and souls of wage- slave humans toiling away in field, factory, and facility!
(18:11) see orig

The rich booty of the lust of your very soul shall slip between your fingers. All those gorgeous and glittering goods shall slide from your grasp! You shall never have them again. (18:14) Vo see orig

You dealers in these same goods, you who will have gotten enriched by it, shall cringe from fear from its anguish, sobbing and shrieking, conceding:
'A Warner duo has launched a dual Era of change
upon you, great system, boasting self-righteousness, pomp and power, and flashing riches, brute strength, and cunning, for all your wealth shall vanish in a blink!'

Now all directors, all folk wandering the world for work, laborers, and all who toil land, sea, and air, shall get laid off. Feeling the effects of its destruction, you shall shout, demanding:
'A system to replace that once great system!'
(18:15) see orig

You shall mourn. You shall shriek, sob and scream, averring:
'A Warner of an Era of change
upon you great system, by whom all owners of cars, trains, and ships will profiteer from your extreme wealth. For you shall burn to ash in a flash!'
(18:19) see orig

Celebrate its destruction, you spiritual realm, you faithful, you emissaries, and you Prophets, for God will have judged it for judging you! (18:20) Vp see orig

Baha'u'llah, the mighty lead Messenger, has confronted the burden of immense malignant materialism. He has already condemned it wisely, declaring:

Thus shall you be destroyed, with sudden violence, you monstrous system of malignant materialism. You shall never exist again! No fancy choirs, concerts, operas, or orchestras shall ever perform for you again! No specialists in any field shall ever consult with you again! No cheap labor shall ever sweat for you again! No input from any publicist shall ever promote you again! No young couple shall ever live lives for you again. For your businessmen will have risen to run the human race. For all nations will have been taken in by your lying charms. (18:21) Vq see orig

In malignant materialism is rooted the violence against prophets, against the faithful, and against all folk killed across the planet. (18:24) Vr see orig

End of Demo - see Notes 'Ax' & 'Am' in Intro (Page 0:1)

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