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Only Jesus Sinless: (15:0)

Basis for Christian Belief (heb 7:26) (15:1) see

Baha'is uphold the fact that Jesus the Christ was also sinless in a very special way. He not only committed no sin, but since He spoke and acted for God, He actually defined what WAS sin. Nonetheless, the Bible does identify several other persons who were sinless: (15:2) see

1. Noah was righteous, blameless, and walked with God. (gen 6:9) (15:3) see

Job was blameless and upright. (job 1:1) (15:4) see

"Zachariah and Elizabeth (parents of John the Baptist) righteous, and blameless." (luk 1:6) (15:5) see

2. "Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is God" (mrk 10:18) But Christians rightly believe Him to be without sin. (for the Baha'i explanation, see the note below)] (15:6) see

3. Jesus broke the Jewish law of the Sabbath, and threw-out the (legal) Money Changers from the Temple. (mat 21:12) These things were against Jewish law, but since Christ establishes the law, He did not break God's law. This same reasoning can be applied to Moses (15:7) see

Note: Jesus, like all Manifestations of God, broke the laws of man, as well as past religious laws, but did so only by the will and permission of God who has the ultimate power to define the law. (15:8)

"How often the Prophets of God.. confess Their sins and faults! This is only to teach other men, to encourage and incite them to humility and meekness, and to induce them to confess their sins and faults. For these Holy Soul are pure from every sin and sanctified from faults.." (saq 170) (15:9)

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