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Unfulfilled Prophecy: (21:0)

Some Christians believe that the prophecies that Jesus did not literally fulfill on His first visit will be literally fulfilled upon His return.
NOTE: There is NO text in the New Testament to support this view, which is proposed to explain why Jesus did not fulfill all of the prophecies of the Old Testament Physically during His life. The following may shed some light on this problem: (21:1)

1. Jesus clearly interprets prophecies symbolically when they would appear to be literal or physical (for instance the return of Elijah) (21:2)

2. The Apostles similarly interpret prophecy symbolically:
The Glory of the Lord shall be revealed and "all flesh shall see it together.. Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low" (isa 40:4-5) Luke says that all this was fulfilled by Jesus:(luk 3:4-6) [Clearly we still have valleys and mountains and "all flesh" did not see Jesus physically] Why then do Christians insist that in Christ's return, "Every eye shall see Him" physically (a common argument against Baha'u'llah)? (21:3) see

3. The scriptures are "locked" or "sealed" until Christ returns:
A. "..words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.." (dan 12:9) (God tells Daniel that the meaning of scripture is closed and sealed until the end times.)
B. All men and angels will be unable to "loose the seals" and open scriptures until the "Lamb of God" appears (rev 5:1-5) (Again the scriptures in the New Testament are also sealed as to their meaning until Christ returns. Baha'u'llah is indeed the Return and has opened the scriptures as prophesied.)
C. "Judge nothing before the time until the Lord come" (1co 4:45) Paul tells Christians that disputes of doctrine will only be settled by the Return of Christ: (21:4) see

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