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Name "Baha'u'llah" in the Bible: (25:0)

Although not readily apparent to Christians, a believer in Baha'u'llah can recognize the name of Baha'u'llah many places in the Bible. In the Bible, God is often referred in such terms as "Lord", "Father", etc. When these are preceded by "Glory of", they all translate into Arabic as "Baha'u'llah", so a Baha'i can readily recognize Baha'u'llah in the Bible in many instances where the "Glory of God", "Glory of the Lord", "Glory of the Father", etc. are mentioned and an individual is indicated. For example:
1. "For the Son of Man shall come in the "Glory of His Father" (emphasis added) with His angels.." (mat 16:27)
2. "The glory of Lebanon shall be given to it, the majesty of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the "Glory of the Lord" (emphasis added), the majesty of God. (isa 35:2) [Baha'u'llah came to Mt. Carmel and the Plain of Sharon]
3. "And behold, the "Glory of the God" (emphasis added) of Israel came from the way of the east." (eze 43:1) [Baha'u'llah came to Israel from the East]
4. "Glory of the Lord" occurs 37 times in the Old Testament, and 3 times in the New Testament. (25:1) see

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