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1. Recognize that most problems are based upon a literal interpretation of the Bible. (27:1)

2. Start with points of agreement with 'fellow Christians'.
A. Baha'is believe in Christ and the Bible as the Word of God.
B. Baha'is are eager to turn to the Bible to resolve questions. (27:2)

3. Remove the FEAR of False Prophet, Antichrist, Devil, etc. (27:3)

4. Always turn to the Bible itself, reading passages before and after (in context), plus other verses on the subject via Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. (27:4)

5. Resolve apparent contradictions and dilemmas caused by literal reading by interpretations base upon the principles of the Kitab-i-Iqan, especially the "Two-Fold Language" and the "Two-Fold Station":
Note: If a word in one Bible passage is clearly symbolic (can't be literal) then the meaning of the word elsewhere in the Bible can also be taken the same way, even in cases where it also makes sense literally. A word or concept must be understood in the context of its Bible-wide meaning.

6. Redirect doctrinal concerns to the proofs of Baha'u'llah. (27:6)

7. Always avoid disputes or criticism; the spirit in which you speak is probably more important than the actual content of what you say. (27:7)

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