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Topics are followed by a common response and a suggested (better) response: (28:1)

1. How do Baha'is regard Jesus Christ?
common: He was a Manifestation like Moses, Muhammad and Baha'u'llah
better: Baha'is believe in "the Sonship and Divinity" of the Lord Jesus the Christ (pdc 109) (28:2)

2. Do you accept the Bible as the Word of God?
common: Well, we know that it's inspired but it's been corrupted and edited with additions and deletions. But we believe it's a Holy Book for a past age. Baha'is follow the Baha'i Writings which are for this day.
better: Baha'is fully recognize the divine inspiration of the Gospel and understand it to be the Bible of Salvation. (pdc 109) (28:3)

3. How do you know you are not following a false prophet from the Devil?
common: Oh, Baha'is don't believe in the devil. We believe that evil is just the absence of good.
better: The Bible tells us that "there is no truth in him (the devil)" (joh 8:44) and all Baha'is believe in the Sonship and Divinity of Jesus, so Baha'is 'can't' be following the devil. (28:4)

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