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[List of Christ's Doings]
1.He shall come from Persia. (80:2)

2.He shall go to the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the land of Babylon. (80:3)

3.He shall withdraw from the city into the barren places, as Christ had gone into the desert in the day of His 'first' coming. (80:4)

4.He shall openly proclaim His Mission in Babylon (or its modern equivalent), and there He shall 'redeem' Israel and the world. (80:5)

5.He shall come from the Tigris and Euphrates valley to the Holy land, Israel, as Abraham had come. He shall make the same journey from the land of the Chaldees to the promised land of Canaan. (80:6)

6.He shall come from a fortified city to a fortified city on his journey to Israel. (80:7)

7.He shall come out of the 'fortress' and journey to the freedom of the 'river'. (80:8)

8.On His journey from the East to Israel, He shall come from 'mountain to mountain.' (80:9)

9.The land of Israel shall be desolate when He comes, but it will later 'blossom as the rose.' (80:10)

10.He shall dwell in the 'midst of Carmel' and from there He shall 'feed His flock' with His Teachings. (80:11)

11.His ministry on earth shall last for exactly 'forty years'. (80:12)

12.He shall come to the valley of Achor where He shall be found by those who 'have sought' Him in the last days. (80:13)

13.The place where His feet have walked in the Holy Land, Israel, shall 'be made glorious'. (80:14)

14.The place of His 'rest' or 'sanctuary' or tomb shall become beautiful with trees, paths, and flowers. (81:1)

15.He shall come from the 'seed' of Abraham. (81:2)

16.He shall 'glorify' Christ in the day of His coming. (81:3)

17.There shall be signs in the physical heavens in the day of His appearance. (81:4)

18.He shall 'unseal the books' and explain their 'hidden meanings' so that all may understand. (81:5)

19.He shall overthrow the power and thrones of wicked kings. (81:6)

20.He shall set up a spiritual 'kingdom' in all parts of the world-- the Kingdom foretold by Christ in His prayer: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." (81:7)

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