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..it is not because the Prophets say the words are their greatest testimony. It is because the words reveal the divine attributes that indicate the words are from God, or the words, at least, reflect that which we attribute to God. (103:3)

When we consider the lives of the Prophets, we must go beyond the mere listing of the various events in their lives. We need to know `how' these actions and teachings reveal the attributes of God. Baha'u'llah points out in the Kitab-i-Iqan that the suffering of the Manifestations, the act of sacrifice, reveals their significance: (104:1)

"Examine the wondrous behavior of the Prophets, and recall the defamations and denials uttered by the children of negation and falsehood, perchance you may cause the bird of the human heart to wing its flight away from the abodes of heedlessness and doubt unto the nest of faith and certainty... Should you acquaint yourself with the indignities heaped upon the Prophets of God, and apprehend the true causes of the objections voiced by their oppressors, you will surely appreciate the significance of their position." (kiq 5-6) (104:2)

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