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It is an axiom that God is all powerful, and His sovereignty endures for all time. Likewise, there is no greater evidence of power and sovereignty existing in the world than that which the Manifestations of God exercise over the hearts and consciences of humanity. It is pervasive and enduring. (107:2)

Their followers, so transformed by the Manifestations' influence, have decided time and again to renounce their possessions, even their lives, rather than recant their beliefs. Diverse groups with the most violent antagonisms have been united in common agreement. Social harmony has prevailed over strife, and the resulting cooperation has given rise to new civilizations. (107:3)

The influence of the Manifestation survives the passage of centuries. No ruler, scientist, philosopher, poet, or artist has ever had such an enduring and pervasive influence on humankind. It is only to the Manifestations that people still faithfully turn even after hundreds of years have passed. No one in history has ever equaled the Manifestations of God in their sovereignty. (108:1)

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